Ashish Deol, Information Technology and Services

Ashish Deol, Information Technology and Services The authoritative source of Ashish Deols personal information, links, and social activity.


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Ashish Deol, Information Technology and Services


Ashish Deol, Information Technology and Services The authoritative source of Ashish Deols personal information, links, and social activity.


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Ashish Desai

I am a perfectionist and am passionate about web, Linux, machine learning, dev tools and developer productivity. I love programming and want to build my own version of Jarvis, I call it Bageera. Where I continue to explore my passion for technology, engineering and tooling.

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Ash Homepage

I might put a picture of myself and my small family on this page. I hope to update this page often with new photos. Click here to play sound.

Ashish Dung Dung - Freelancer and App Developer

Blogger App Developer Freelancer Tech Analyst. The Ultra Reasonable Freelancer For Ultra Reasonable Clients! For now, am exploring resources, learning things and gathering support that would be helpful to me in future. Meanwhile, I have been working on a freelancing basis for a while, and building apps and digital products are what I do these days. I work on android apps and web projects and also collaborate time and code to gain experience. Need Help With Anything? Replies are p.